Employment Opportunities at Shepherds College in Union Grove, Wisconsin

If you’re looking to make a change, then maybe it's time to make a difference. Shepherds College, the country's leading three-year, post-secondary educational program for students with intellectual disabilities, is looking for passionate, motivated people to join our team! We believe that everyone has valuable skills and experience to offer, and we would love to see if your unique qualities can help to meet the needs of our growing team.

About Us:

  • We seek excellence in every aspect of the work we do. We do not want to just meet the standard, we want to raise the bar.
  • Professionalism is more than just a suit and tie. Attitude and work ethic are important here.
  • We thrive on creativity and out-of-the-box thinking. Innovative ideas are welcome and expected.
  • A man named Henry Ford said it best, “If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.”
  • Our strengths outweigh our weaknesses. We cultivate what drives each of us while improving areas of growth.
  • We strive to model the likeness of Jesus Christ in the way we work with others.

About You:

  • You love working with others in a professional community.
  • You see a need and meet a need.
  • You are driven to succeed and excel not only in your career, but in your life overall.
  • You work well with a team to accomplish more.


  • Health, Dental, Vision and Life Insurance
  • FSA & HRA Plans
  • 401k Plan with Company Match
  • PTO & Paid Seasonal Breaks
  • Paid Medical Leave, Bereavement & Jury Duty
  • Team-Oriented Culture and Supportive Work Environment

Current Open Positions

To Apply for Any of the Following Positions

  1. Download & print the Employment Application PDF using Adobe Reader (free download).
  2. Download & print our Statement of Faith.
  3. Download & print our Biblical Responsibilities document.
  4. Complete Application, Statement of Faith and Biblical Responsibilities document.
  5. Return completed application, Statement of Faith and Biblical Responsibilities document, along with your résumé, to Ciara Huntemann, Director of Human Resources, at chuntemann@shepherdscollege.edu or by mail:
    Attn. Ciara Huntemann
    1805 15th Avenue
    Union Grove, WI 53182
  6. Transcripts and a copy of your highest degree earned will be required

Shepherds College Student Life Program

The following positions are currently available within our Student Life Program:

Student Life Staff

Full Time, Part Time & Pool Staff Opportunities Available; Open shifts include Thursdays & Fridays from 3pm to 9pm, Saturdays from 7am to 2pm, Sundays from 7am to 2pm and/or 2pm to 9pm.

Full Time/Benefit Eligible positions pay between $11–$13/hour, Part Time positions pay between $13–$15/hour, Pool Staff positions pay $15/hour. Pay is commensurate with experience.

Emergency Response Staff (ERS) Sleep-In Shifts

Full Time, Part Time & Pool Staff Opportunities Available; Open shifts include 3 shifts on Tuesdays & 2 shifts on Thursdays, all from 8:30pm to 8:30am the following morning.

All ERS shifts pay $8.34/hour.


Shepherds College Academic Program

The following position is currently available within our Academic Program:


As a Shepherds College Paraprofessional you will serve in a support role to instructors, working with individuals or groups of students in order to enhance classroom learning. You will assist students in preparing for instruction, supervise students in assigned areas before classes, manage classroom disruptions, facilitate the work of students in small groups and work one-on-one with students as needed. You will co-teach lesson components as determined by the instructor, supervise students during the lunch hour, facilitate the growth of Appropriate Independence™, support classroom instruction methods and procedures and observe and record information related to the tracking of student behavior.

Skills and qualifications for this position include full alignment with the Shepherds College Mission Statement and Statement of Faith, a Bachelor’s degree is preferred but not required; a degree in Social Work, Psychology or Special Education is a plus, ABA experience is preferred but not required, experience working with individuals with intellectual disabilities, a strong commitment to student learning and development, effective communication skills and a high level of professionalism with the ability to maintain confidentiality.

Full Time & Benefit Eligible; Monday–Friday, 1st Shift Hours. Pay is commensurate with experience.


Shepherds College Human Resources Department

The following position is currently available within our Human Resources Department:

Human Resources Assistant & Volunteer Coordinator

As the Shepherds College Human Resources Assistant, you will assist the Director of Human Resources with managing several different functions within the Human Resources department including, but not limited to, staffing and recruitment, onboarding, record maintenance, event planning/coordination, training, benefits administration and employee relations. As the Volunteer Coordinator, you are responsible for the management and coordination of the volunteer program, guest services/hospitality, tours, recruitment and training of new volunteers, coordination of the volunteer portion of the Shepherds College Church Ambassadors Program, and supporting the associations with other ministries, organizations and individuals having interest in the mission and vision of Shepherds College.

Skills and qualifications for this position include full alignment with the Shepherds College Mission Statement and Statement of Faith, a Bachelor's degree (preferred), prior experience working in a Human Resources position or in a similar role, proficiency in Microsoft programs (Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint) and HRIS databases, strong verbal and written communication skills, interpersonal skills and organizational skills, must be an adept problem solver who has the ability to identify issues and come up with resolutions in an efficient and timely manner and must have prior experience successfully managing confidential information in a professional manner.

Full Time & Benefit Eligible; Regular 1st Shift Hours Monday - Friday. Pay is commensurate with experience.