General Education Program / Independent Living

The most exciting thing when starting college is learning as much as you can about where you will be staying and what you will be doing.

As true innovators in nurturing people with intellectual disabilities, we designed the Shepherds College campus with three different styles of living facilities; each style offers a different degree of supervision and support. As basic living skills are learned, students enjoy progressively greater responsibility and independence.

Phase 1 facilities: Dormitory-style buildings house two to three students per room. A common kitchen allows students to become familiar with tools and learn to prepare meals under staff supervision. A Commons Area provides ample room for relaxation and social engagement.

Phase 2 facilities: Student Halls house eight students and contain two kitchens. Four students share each kitchen and enjoy additional meal planning and preparation responsibilities. Two students share each room and bath.

Phase 3 facilities: Individual apartments are equipped for two students and include a complete kitchen. This setting provides students with the real-life experience of living independently yet is located in close proximity for support if needed.

On a regular basis, you will go to the grocery store and buy food so you can prepare meals back at your dorm, student hall, or apartment. These types of events will help you apply what you learn in class to real-life situations.

Classes and activities provide you with knowledge about how to do everyday things on your own. Taking bus trips, counting money, and meeting new people help you practice and get comfortable with things that may not come naturally to you. These types of things will help prepare you for life on your own after college.

The campus also has great walking trails, a bocce ball court, and the Bolthouse Center gym. Shepherds College has a history of participation in the Special Olympics, and you will have the opportunity to join a team sport. There is always something for you to do here!