For Parents & Families / Why College?

The answer to the question "Why College?" (especially when asked for a student with intellectual disabilities) is: For the same reason any other child goes to college - to get additional training/education/experience in order to gain meaningful employment in a field that requires more advanced skills. If a job requires skills not obtained in high school, then post-secondary education is needed.

Until recently, there has not been a post-secondary education program designed specifically to help these young adults bridge the gap to Appropriate Independence™ through spiritual growth and in their career, home and society. Shepherds College provides that opportunity. Students with disabilities who have the desire and ability to go to college should take advantage of the opportunity. College is a way to broaden a person as a whole. Going to college allows students to grow socially, emotionally, academically and, at Shepherds College, spiritually.

When choosing a college, students and parents should look for a place where students will not only be challenged to grow socially, but also offered opportunities to learn skills that will prepare them to be more successful in life and in the work place. Students often say, "I want to be more independent," but don't really understand what that really means until Mom and Dad aren't right down the hall.

The right college should also be a place where students can know that they are welcome to be themselves and where parents know that their son/daughter is guided by a faculty and staff that have a desire to see students succeed.

You'll find that here at Shepherds College.


Read "Why Post-Secondary Education for Young Adults with Intellectual Disabilities?" published in SEEN Magazine, 2010.