Occupational Programs / Technology

Students in the technology major will receive instruction in foundational coursework across topics such as keyboarding, professional office skills, data entry, internet research, file management, introduction to programming, game design, networking, and media. These foundational disciplines will prepare all technology students for basic employment. Beyond these core items, each student will then select one of four tracks, which include:

  1. Professional Office
  2. Programming & Coding
  3. Troubleshooting & Repair
  4. Mass Media Production

These specialized tracks will allow for more in-depth training and the opportunity to develop their skills according to their individual capabilities. This specific training will open up additional employment opportunities within that specialized discipline.

Gainful Employment

Institutions providing gainful employment programs offer important opportunities to all students seeking to expand their skills and earn a post secondary degree or certificate. The Federal Government along with the Department of Education has a strong interest in ensuring that institutions of higher education promote student academic and career opportunities and has put into place Gainful Employment regulations to make sure these guidelines have been met. Gainful Employment provides details to all students about their particular program and the possibility of being gainfully employed upon completion of your certificate and/or degree.

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