General Education Program / Activities

As a Shepherds College student, you'll live in an environment that is designed to promote your emotional, spiritual, and intellectual growth. Each day, you will grow toward independence in many areas of your life. Aside from attending classes, the Student Life program at Shepherds College provides students with opportunities to build lasting friendships, explore the community, and serve others. Students enjoy activities both during the week and on weekends that allow them to form relationships with each other and with members of their community.

As a student, you can develop an understanding of service by doing community projects together. You may help serve in local churches, the community or help out at a Chamber of Commerce event. There are always many opportunities to serve on campus too!

Students have the opportunity to participate in the Special Olympics program. You can join teams in bowling, volleyball, soccer, basketball, and Track & Field which allows you to stay fit and also to minister and show God's love to people all over Wisconsin at games.

Other kinds of activities may include taking field trips to see movies, gardens, historical sites, plays, visit coffee houses, bowling, laser tag, and even water parks! New activities get introduced to students all the time, so there is never a dull moment!