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We know that you are excited about this opportunity for your child, but also probably a little nervous. Hearing first-hand from other parents can be helpful when it comes to a decision like this. Below are stories and quotes from parents that we hope you will find helpful.

A Quote from Dave Smith

"I am so grateful for the role that Shepherds College has had in shaping our daughter Ashley into a Christian lady who wants to please God. She graduated in 2016 and was able to secure her first job starting the day after graduation. She has been working for a youth camp for two weeks and has been promoted from server to assistant chef due in part to her culinary knowledge she gained from the Chef. If any of you had known Ashley ten years ago, you would not believe this is that girl. I am so grateful to God for the changes He has wrought in her."


A Quote from Sheri Muma

“Shepherd’s College is one of the best things that has ever happened to our son! He is more confident and capable now than he was a year ago; I can’t wait to see what the next two years bring!”


A Quote from Bonnie Lehman

“We are so pleased with Kati's confidence. The College has helped her define her gifts, abilities and then nurtured them through the staff and programs! This College is a gift to these young, significant people.”


A Quote from Gretchen Ryan

"Torrey is loving his life at Shepherd's College! Shepherd's College is a life-changing, three-year college program. Take a long look and think seriously because this school is a life-time experience you don't want to miss! It's a launchpad for discovering your God-given talents so you can go out and help make the world a better place. Friendship, knowledge and forming a career path are all part of the Shepherd's College experience."


A Quote from Deanne Grabinski

"We are thrilled to see how Abby has grown spiritually and emotionally at Shepherds College. She has gained some independence and confidence that she did not have before. We are so thankful for the guidance she has received from staff members. They have come alongside of Abby, teaching her appropriate behavior. We are so impressed with the patience and kindness they have shown. They work so hard, and we can definitely see the fruit of that hard work. Thank you!"


A Quote from John Bryson

"Megan has matured in so many ways since arriving at Shepherds two years ago. We are delighted with her improved abilities to discuss important issues and to verbally work through conflict. As parents, we are so thankful that Shepherds provides a safe environment, staffed by caring individuals who take the time to work with the students. Shepherds is a great stepping-stone for kids needing extra guidance. Megan may not always agree with everything that she encounters, but she understands and appreciates that Shepherds staff has a very tough job, and they do the best that they can. The fact that Shepherds is a faith-centered institution only makes it more of a blessed resource. We are still not sure what path Megan will eventually take in adulthood, but we are very certain that the values and skills that Shepherds has instilled in her will serve her well. Thank you!"


The Ames' Story 

"We made the decision for Rachel to attend Shepherds College because it is Christian-based. Rachel really lives in a concrete world and it is necessary for her to have a program that has a base in Truth; what better than the rules our Father gave us. We also wanted a residential school since Rachel needs instruction for all - job skills, managing her meals, laundry and to be at work on time. The same cues and programs for education also can be used to teach life skills. It was also important to find a group of people she could hopefully fit in with."

"Because of Shepherds College, Rachel now believes that there are peers willing to be her friend. This is a great value and Rachel needs to be affirmed this way, as we all do."

"I never had a specific vision for Rachel; my goal was to encourage - maybe better said - push Rachel to do her best until she could not keep up with the group, since there have not been benchmarks or guidelines to measure a standard for her. My hope for Rachel is that she finds purpose and value. God has a very unique and wonderful plan for her and she needs to work very hard and be ready for this! She needs to remember to be quiet so she can listen and hear God's plan in her heart."

"Appropriate Independence means Rachel has structure set up for her, so her choices will not cause harm to herself or others. That she experiences failures to learn, but not where she will be punished in such a way that it would have a lasting negative outcome."



The Roberts' Story


"We felt that Pieter would be blessed and challenged and encouraged at a school like Shepherds College. Our great friends, the Meyers, have a son who is a 2nd year student, and they too encouraged us to send Pieter."

"We long for growth in many areas for our son and felt that Shepherds would be a place that would facilitate this spiritual, emotional, personal, academic and relational maturity."

"Brian Canright has had a HUGE impact on Pieter in just the first few months! We can tell from Pieter's conversations that this young man really and truly loves Pieter and sees the potential in him. We are VERY thankful for those folks who have joined the Shepherds College staff and who really pour themselves into the lives of these students, offering ENCOURAGEMENT to those who can easily become discouraged because life is hard for them."