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Stretch for What's Best

Considering college for a child with an intellectual disability is a big stretch for many parents. They love and want the best for their child, but sense (and often set) limits on what they enable their child to experience in life. Congratulations! We are encouraged by your interest and willingness to consider the benefits of post-secondary education for your child.

Intelligent Faith

Raising a child with an intellectual disability is unique and challenging. No one can fully understand those challenges unless they have experienced them for themselves. Shepherds Ministries provides our college staff with over 50 years of daily experience serving this uniquely special population and will assist you and your child to bridge the gap from home to an independent life

We believe that education must be appropriate and customized to each student's abilities and needs. Career training must be thorough, enjoyable and practical for each student's future. And transitioning skills must be implemented to ease the path from high school to college to career. All of this is best accomplished in concert with a student's spiritual development. Potential is at the heart of everyone and unexpected blessings are commonplace. We think that the best opportunity for success comes from both clinical and spiritual approaches.

In addition to education and spiritual growth, success comes from simply having fun, enjoying life and new experiences with accepting friends and doing social activities that foster a sense of community. Shepherds College in Union Grove, WI is the perfect place to achieve this balance, and will set the stage for your child wherever they may go in life.

Start the Discovery

Shepherds College exists in that space between educational expertise and faith. Where best practice meets the One who walks on water. That is a very exciting and fulfilling place. We are honored to safely and confidently help these loved and important students gain Appropriate Independenceā„¢, career education, and spiritual development to enhance and guide the rest of their lives. We encourage parents to learn more about the experience and breakthrough work of Shepherds College by calling Chris Wright, Director of Admissions or Brian Canright, Director of Student Recruitment & Placement.

Chris Wright

Brian Canright