Students / Current Students

If you're visiting this page, you are probably a current student looking for information or a prospective student wanting to learn about our current students. If you're a current student, click another link to find what you're looking for, and if you're not, keep reading!

The Shepherds College student body is made up of a diverse group of young adults from all over the country, and even the world! Our current students are men and women with various intellectual and developmental disabilities from 18 different states and 3 foreign countries.

Our students come to Shepherds College for so many different reasons. Some are interested in Horticulture, Culinary Arts or Technology. Some want to learn job skills and some want to learn to live as independently as possible. Many come here to make friends, be a part of a community or to have a college experience like other friends and family members.

Whatever your interests or hobbies, we're sure you'll fit right in with the students at Shepherds College. Join in on a coloring party, shoot some hoops, go out to eat or stay in for a game night, maybe even invite friends over for a coffee bar and a movie. Do you play guitar, bowl like a pro, sing karaoke or hang out for video game tournaments? Yes? We have a student or two you should meet!

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