Prospective Students / Campus Life

An important aspect of any college experience is life on campus. Students attending Shepherds College, located in Union Grove, Wisconsin, will have ample opportunities to grow socially and develop life-long relationships through activities on campus and in our community.

The village of Union Grove provides students with a quiet, small-town experience, and yet the convenience of living close to the metropolitan Milwaukee area, which includes the city of Racine, just minutes away from our campus. Additionally, downtown Chicago is only about 90 minutes away.

Students live in on-campus housing designed to allow them to gradually take on more responsibility as they progress through the program. Shepherds College will provide furnishings, however, the student will need to bring linens and bedding as well as personal care items. On a regular basis and with assistance from Shepherds College staff, students will go shopping to purchase food with which they will prepare meals in their own apartments.

Students at Shepherds College have the opportunity to participate in the Special Olympics program. They will have a chance to join teams, train and compete in a variety of sports including Bowling, Volleyball, Basketball, Track and field, and Soccer. Fitness equipment, the Bolthouse Center gym, and walking paths are all on campus. In addition, the college is located next to Old Settler's Park and the Racine County Fair Grounds.