For Parents & Families / Is Shepherds College Right for My Child?

A child with intellectual disabilities often attends school with fellow students who are on track to attend college upon graduation from high school. But for these students, attending a four-year university doesn't feel like a good fit. The students may want to move on and progress, but don't know what their options are to keep learning.

The suggestion that there might be an alternative educational opportunity for a person with an intellectual disability gives them hope for a future they never thought possible. Shepherds College is a valuable resource for parents and students looking for more, and who can imagine college as part of their future.

As expected, a primary concern for parents considering "away from home" post-secondary education for their child is safety. Once that basic requirement is met, parents feel much more comfortable with this education option. Parents and educators often tell us that young adult students would likely do better in a residential setting away from their parents simply because the expectations would be higher. In our own experience, we have seen that to be the case. An "away from home" location presents the student with real world experience that results in a greatly enhanced self-image. This newly-acquired independence and confidence forms the foundation of a successful transition to adulthood.

Shepherds College provides all of these things for your child. We provide safety and security in this "away from home" environment for your student to learn things that will help them in their daily lives, as well as their future. Keep reading further to find out more about us.

You must hear wonderful stories all the time from families and students, but I wanted to share with you that last night at the dinner table, Katie had such enthusiasm and confidence as she told her all about "her college." Whatever God's plan and timing for her next season of life, our family dearly thanks everyone at Shepherds College for following God's leading to provide this opportunity.” ~ parent of prospective student