General Education Program / Spiritual Life

A guiding principle at Shepherds College is that each of us has been “designed by God on purpose and for a purpose.” This principle provides direction for the Spiritual Life component of the Shepherds College experience. Students at Shepherds College will have ample opportunity to discover the God that has designed them and investigate the specific purpose He has for their lives.

Each semester, select classes will feature teaching centered on the Bible and its practical application for our everyday lives. Weekly chapel services are also part of the Shepherds College program. In addition, students attend a local church and actively participate in the church community. Students are provided with numerous opportunities to receive counseling based on the Truths of God's Word.

As we attempt to prepare each Shepherds College student for Appropriate Independence™, we are committed to providing a setting that will encourage spiritual growth. We believe learning and life should both be centered on Jesus Christ.