Blog / Key Contributors - First Quarter 2019

Explanation of Key Contributors Initiative

Beginning in 2019 Shepherds College implemented a new staff appreciation initiative called Key Contributors which is based on our 8 Key Behaviors – Model Christ-Likeness, Be Creative, Pursue Excellence, Maximize Strengths, Promote Professionalism, Work Together, Embrace Accountability and Experience Gratitude. Throughout the year we’re asking our staff to nominate their co-workers whenever they witness someone exhibiting one or more of our Key Behaviors here at Shepherds College. Each quarter our Leadership team reviews all of the nominations and votes for the employees whom they feel should be recognized as a Key Contributor of Shepherds College. Those who are selected as Key Contributors are recognized in multiple ways. One of the ways we like to recognize these individuals is by having the nominator summarize the reason(s) why he/she nominated the employee as a Key Contributor.


Key Contributor Summaries

Employee: Lauren Wildhagen
Written By: Angie Houk & Joe DeCiccio

Lauren is a team player; she works great with others to develop her bible class curriculum and implements what has been discussed. She models excellence in her approach to the bible class and student life. Lauren has taken what has been given to her and develops it to meet the students’ needs. She also successfully launched Lamb Hall with little direction. Lauren pursues excellence, models Christlikeness, demonstrates creativity, is grateful, responds to feedback and uses feedback for continuous improvement.


Employee: Connie Vincent
Written By: Ciara Huntemann & Cassie Comerford

Connie does an excellent job of pointing others to Christ, both staff and students. I’ve repeatedly witnessed her discipleship here at Shepherds. She has a tremendous amount of patience, kindness and respect. The love of Jesus pours out of her in all that she does. Connie also displays an incredible balance of humility and determination. She’s a prayer warrior and an inspiration to those around her.


Employee: Joy Bresson
Written By: Joy Phillips & Brian Page

Joy was nominated for the Key Behavior “work together”. Joy is always willing to work together for the good of Shepherds and she does this with excellence and the best attitude. Joy also is very professional and it shows in her speech and in her actions. Exhibiting these key behaviors contribute to making Joy a pleasure to work with.


Employee: Robin Deaton
Written By: Hannah Wulz, Angie Houk & Kim Anderson

Robin exhibits many of the key behaviors on a daily basis. In her role as Chris’s one-on-one para, Robin works collaboratively with staff to support, motivate, and encourage Chris’s learning and Ai. In doing so, Robin demonstrates the key behaviors of being creative, pursuing excellence, working together, and maximizing strengths. Additionally, Robin models Christ-likeness to staff and students through her kindness and patience, and by daily encouraging students to seek Christ first in every circumstance. Robin is a great asset to our Paraprofessional team.


Employee: Tyler Sallee
Written By: Polly Williams, Angie Houk & Lori Konopasek

Tyler is a Key Contributor and represents our Key Behaviors well! He is Ai focused, mission oriented and collaborates effectively with others at Shepherds College. He continually builds into staff and students through his role and works to help the different departments work together. He willingly takes time to brainstorm with coworkers and offers great ideas through his collaboration. Additionally, Tyler leads a team that promotes staff development and appreciation. His team suggested training ideas to help successfully equip and develop others. We are thankful for his leadership and teamwork!


Employee: Sarah Munwam
Written By: Kallyn Kasprzak

Sarah exemplifies the key behavior Model Christ-Likeness. She is kind and gracious to everyone she comes in contact with, no matter how long or hard her day has been. She also Pursues Excellence on a daily basis by regularly seeking out input and advice in order to further grow and improve in her role. She makes the most of daily training opportunities with students by using them as a time to connect on a personal level and build into their lives.


Employee: Dick Koehn
Written By: Steve Gillmore, Eric Lindsay & Dave Slye

While Dick displays many of the key behaviors at Shepherds, pursuing excellence has to be at the top. No matter what the job or who is asking, Dick makes every effort to make things better than they were before. We appreciate his commitment to Shepherds for so many years.