Blog / Alumni Profile: Ashley Nelson

Alumni Profile: Ashley Nelson  
Written by Andrew Kolkman, Placement Specialist

During her time here at school, Ashley Nelson has always been one to rise to any challenge. Whether she was in the kitchen, with her friends,
or learning new skills in Residential Life, she has always been able to find new ways to grow. Knowing this, we were confident she would go far. Over the summer and into the fall we’ve heard some great things from Ashley and her family about her success following graduation from Shepherds College. 

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The day after graduating, Ashley moved to Lake Geneva Youth Camp where she began her summer job as a kitchen assistant and server. She hadn’t even been working a week when her supervisors realized that her potential was greater than they had expected. They promoted her to the position of Assistant Chef. It wasn’t long after that when Ashley’s summer job became a year long position where she is now in charge of the baking, and is frequently making several hundred cookies for various retreats held at the camp. She’s even learned new skills in the process of turning a large industrial kitchen into one that is Kosher approved. 

We know Ashley will always find ways to grow — on the job, in her personal life and in her personal relationship with God. We thank the Lord for her time at Shepherds College and look forward to hearing about her next successful step in life.