About Shepherds College / Our Team

The Shepherds College staff are a very qualified and passionate team who educate, train, care for and challenge our students. These supportive team members are extremely dedicated and led to serve students with intellectual disabilities.

Leadership Team

Faculty & Staff

  • jimandersonJim Anderson, Instructor/Transporter
  • kimandersonKim Anderson, BA, Lead Paraprofessional
  • johnandrusJohn Andrus, BLS, Lead Technology Instructor
  • lucycanrightLucy Canright, AA, Culinary Arts Paraprofessional
  • cassiecomerfordCassie Comerford, BS, Director of Culinary Arts
  • joedeciccioJoe DeCiccio, BS, Residential Life Manager
  • JasonJason Fricke, BS, Advisor/Paraprofessional/Residential Life Staff
  • janegorslineJane Gorsline, BA, Advisor/Instructor
  • alexhayesAlex Hayes, BA, Residential Life Staff
  • taylorjonesTaylor Jones, BS, Lead Chef/Food Service Manager
  • kallyndepoppeKallyn Kasprzak, Advisor/Residential Life Staff
  • zakkasprzakZak Kasprzak, BMMM, Residential Life Faculty
  • sarahkolkmanSarah Kolkman, BA, Instructor
  • owenlackeyOwen Lackey, BA, BS, Lead Horticulture Instructor
  • EricEric Lindsay, BS, Recruiter/Employment Specialist
  • laurapollardLaura Pollard, BS, Advisor/Instructor
  • aaronrappAaron Rapp, BME, Residential Life Faculty
  • alexandriariveraAlexandria Rivera, BA, Ai Academy Instructor/Advisor
  • tylersalleeTyler Sallee, BS, Advisor/Instructor
  • zachschinkowitchZach Schinkowitch, Residential Life Staff
  • anthonytomczakAnthony Tomczak, BA, Paraprofessional
  • ConnieConnie Vincent, BA, Chef Assistant
  • LaurenLauren Wildhagen, BA, Residential Life Faculty
  • pollywilliamsPolly Williams, Residential Life Faculty