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  • Make Em' Smile June 1, 2018 (Orlando, FL)

Preview Days

  • October 5, 2018
  • November 9, 2018

“We came home after the Preview Day and my son immediately got on the phone to call his siblings to tell them, ‘I’m going to Shepherds! I LOVE it there.’ I don't know how the financing will play out, but God is good, and our son so deserves this!”—Nancy

“I wish to extend our appreciation and thanks to you and your colleagues for the wonderful visit on Friday. Tears fill my eyes in thinking about your college and the opportunity it brings to kids with intellectual disabilities. My husband and I were very impressed with the school and the work that you all are doing.”—Lisa, Special Education Teacher

“I just wanted to thank you and your team for the great information and hospitality on Friday’s visit. Everyone had a great time and was very impressed with the staff, facilities, program, students and philosophies. The students who attended can't stop talking about it this morning. We’ve been taking a lot of the kids and parents on visits to tour a variety of post high school vocational and housing options out there. Several have expressed that they just haven’t seen anything that they thought was a match for them. It was nice to see them excited after their tour—when I got on the bus to come home I asked them if anyone wanted to stay—several said yes.”—Anne

“Prior to going to Shepherds College we had been asking Philip what he was wanting to learn at the Preview Day and he really did not know, he was overwhelmed. After lunch on Friday, before the student's were separated from the parents, we could see Philip's anxiety level increase. My husband and I saw a real difference in all three of the kids when they rejoined the parents, they had connected in that short time away from us! When you asked them a question they looked at each other instead of their parents and they were smiling and laughing together.When we were in the car I asked Philip what he thought and his response was very surprising to me because he really absorbed what was going on around him. What impacted me the most is he said he really appreciated the staff talking directly to him and relating to him and that he felt like he ‘fit in.’ As a parent that means the world for me to hear. After many years of Philip not wanting to take part in activities at church and school he felt like he finally ‘fit’ somewhere.”—Judi

“I thought the Preview was very thorough and felt the staff was in tune with what families need to know when they are thinking of sending their child to a school like Shepherds College.”—Laura

“Our family was very impressed with the college buildings and programs, but what left the most lasting impression was the vision, dedication, kindness and friendliness of everyone we met. It was an inspiring day!”—Jeanine, Special Education Teacher