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Shepherds College is the country’s leading three-year post-secondary educational program for students with intellectual and physical disabilities. The College offers majors in horticulture, culinary arts, and technology. Shepherds has future goals of generating income from some of its farmable land, expanding its horticulture program to include organic farming, and  better integrating their students into the local community.

Ron and Lisa Stark and Ali Schultz of the non-profit organization, Sustainable Oasis Systems, Inc. (SOS), are partnering with Shepherds College to make this ideal a reality. Sustainable Oasis at Shepherds College is creating an organic farm and edible forest on the Shepherds College campus to provide educational opportunities and further employment for Shepherds College horticulture students.

Sustainable Oasis Systems is more than a farm or an educational program. It is a change agent.

We seek to empower people to impact their own health and well-being, as well as the health of their neighbors and community.

SOS is an energizer, an equalizer, a catalyst, and an intergenerational resource for those who wish to live and model self-sufficiency, sustainability, and the golden rule. 


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If you have questions about SOS, please contact Ron at 262-492-2989 or e-mail