Program & Admissions / Ai Academy

Ai Academy is a two year, non-academic program geared primarily towards daily living, social, and money skills. Students in Ai Academy participate in residential life with the college students and have classes throughout the week geared towards preparing them for a more independent lifestyle in these skill areas. 

"Ellie’s growth during her time in Ai Academy has been nothing short of incredible. She has grown from a relatively insecure young lady (found security in being in familiar places with safe people she knew) to a much more mature individual, considerably more secure in her self, able to accurately express and explain her feelings and most of the time follow learned procedure to deal with frustrations in life and conflict in interpersonal relations. Ellie has grown beyond what Patty and I thought would ever happen in her life. She enjoys being 'independent' with peers where she feels as if she has no special needs." ~ John, parent of Ai Academy graduate