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Meet Kelsey Domke, RN, Nursing Supervisor at Shepherds College


Frequently Asked Questions 
Shepherds College Nursing Department 

Are the nurses on campus 24/7? 

No, nursing staff are on campus Monday through Friday during general business hours (7am-5pm). There is an on call schedule so that a nurse is available for Shepherds College staff to reach with questions every day/night for hours that nursing staff are not on campus. 

How are medications handled and administered? 

All medications including supplements and vitamins should go through nursing to be added to the students MAR (Medication Administration Record). All medications, supplements, and vitamins are labeled with the student’s name, instructions, amount, and time they are taken. They are kept in a locked medication cart in a locked room in each living area. Trained staff administer the medications to students at the scheduled times. Nursing staff occasionally pass medications in living areas, but do not regularly pass medications in the living areas. Students that take a medication during the school day at times such as 10a or 12p come to the nursing office and nursing administers those medications Monday through Friday.  Students receive these medications in student life on the weekends. 

Medication pass times at Shepherds College are at 6:30a, 8:00a, 10:00a, 12:00p, 4:00p, 6:00p, and 8:00p. If a student has a medication that is taken at a different time than listed above, it should be discussed.   

What medications are available on campus? 

Shepherds College Nursing Department stocks Tylenol, Ibuprofen, Benadryl, Guaifenesin (decongestant – same ingredient as Mucinex), and a cough syrup. These are all in the nursing office and kept in the medication cart in the student life areas.  If a student needs Tylenol for a headache for example, they can ask staff for some in the student life area or nursing during classes.  Any other over-the-counter medications students take when sick at home can be provided by families. They will be labeled and added to the students’ profile and medication administration record to be administered when needed.   

What if my student gets sick? 

When a student reports not feeling well to a staff member, depending on the student’s symptoms and situation, student life staff, an advisor, and nursing collaborate to evaluate the situation. Medications can be given to help with the symptoms or certain illnesses, while others require evaluation by a doctor.  

What if my student needs to be seen by a doctor? 

Local family members are welcome to take their student to their primary doctor for illnesses.  If they are not local or unable to take the student to the doctor, Shepherds College staff can facilitate taking the student to a local prompt care clinic.  For regular appointments including counseling and chiropractic care, we will partner with the advisor and student to determine the best time for a non-urgent appointment.  If Shepherds College staff take a student to an appointment, they will send an appointment update and can also schedule future appointments to ensure the continuation of treatment.  All appointment transports have a fee for each appointment. The family is responsible to choose the doctor or counselor with the student. 

If a student needs to go to the hospital in case of an emergency, where do you bring them? 

If there is an emergency situation and a student needs to be brought to an emergency room, they will be brought to either the Ascension All Saints Hospital in Racine WI, Ascension Hospital in Franklin WI, or the Aurora hospital in Kenosha WI. If a student is sent to the ER, we will never send them alone; we will always send a staff member with them. We will always notify the parent or guardian of any emergency situation as soon as the situation is under control and the student is safe and has appropriate care.  

My student needs monthly lab draws because of medications they take or other reasons. 

Parents/guardians must find a lab and ask the student’s doctor to fax the orders to the lab.  Shepherds College staff can bring the student to the lab to get the labs drawn when needed.  

My student takes medications; how do prescriptions/medications/supplements get refilled? 

Parents/guardians are primarily responsible for keeping track of when a refill or prescription will be needed and will need to contact the doctor’s office/pharmacy regarding refills.  They are also responsible to get the medications to nursing at Shepherds College.  For medications that do not require a prescription, some families provide enough for the semester. 

How do I get my student’s medications to them while at school? 

Option 1: We work closely with Lakeview Pharmacy in Racine, WI.  They will deliver refills every 28 days automatically if they have the prescription/refills on file. They will send the refill on controlled medications when they have the hard copy prescription each month that is sent from the doctor’s office or mailed to Shepherds College and given to the pharmacy.   

Option 2: Families can supply medications by picking up the refills and mailing them to Shepherds College. We recommend putting cotton balls or something similar in the pill bottles when being mailed to reduce noise. 

Option 3: Families can have prescriptions sent to Walgreens at 6125 Durand Ave, Racine, WI 53406; we can pick them up with a $15 transportation fee for each time medications are picked up.  

*Please remember to keep track of when your student will need a refill.  Some families find it helpful to mark on their calendar when the student will run out at school and need a refill so they know when to send more. While we try our best to notify families when we are running low, we are unable to guarantee this due to the number of students on campus. 

Who refills student medications? 

Parents/guardians are primarily responsible for refilling student’s medications and getting medications to nursing at Shepherds College.  

My student is on a medication that requires a new prescription every month because it’s a controlled substance. How do we get that to him/her at Shepherds?  

Parents/Guardians will need to get the prescription filled every month and either bring it physically to Shepherds College, or mail it. If it is mailed, please label with ATTN: Nursing Department so that the package gets to nursing and nursing can open it. Some doctor’s offices have the ability to send the scripts electronically directly to the pharmacy, which is an option also.  

My child does their own meds at home; will they be able to do that here at Shepherds College? 

We currently have a system in place called our med progression which allows 2nd and 3rd year students to independently take their personal medications after a level of observation, evaluation, and agreement with the family.  We are in the process of expanding that system to 1st year students that have experience independently taking personal medications or demonstrate the capability to independently take their personal medication.  We have a variety of students on campus with many different abilities; safety and increasing independence are at the forefront of our minds.   

What healthcare systems are in the area? 

The healthcare systems in the area are Ascension, Aurora, and Froedtert. 

If the student is from out of state, should we switch or find a new primary doctor that is close to Shepherds College? 

This is completely up to the student and family. Many students keep their current doctor and have appointments on breaks from school.  If a student requires frequent appointments, it may be beneficial for them to switch to a doctor closer to school.  

What happens if my student has insurance that is out of state?  

We generally only bring students to the doctor after first contacting the family and collaborating on a decision for medical care.  In emergency situations, we will contact the family as soon as possible.  Nursing at Shepherds College does not have knowledge regarding insurance companies and coverage by surrounding hospitals. Our best recommendation is to call the healthcare systems or contact information on the back of the student’s medical card and notify Shepherds College if you have a preferred hospital.  

General Nursing Information 

  • Nursing Office hours are regular business hours Monday thru Friday (7:00a to 5:00p)  

  • Nursing staff include, RN (Nursing supervisor), LPN (licensed practical nurse), and office assistant/transporter 

  • A nurse is on call before and after office hours and can be reached by Shepherds College staff any time with questions. 

  • Medications are passed at 6:30 am, 800a, 10:00a, 12:00p, 4:00p, 6:00p, and 8:00p. 

  • Nursing pass meds at 10:00p and 12:00p from the nursing office (Monday thru Friday) and all other meds are passed in the living areas by student life staff that have been trained to pass meds. 

  • Nursing staff members are not with students on a regular basis to notice changes in behavior or illness.  Nursing staff are not aware of problems or concerns with students unless these concerns are brought to their attention by other staff. Advisors, student life, and paras/instructors are with the students more frequently to make observations and notify nursing or families of concerns.  

Transportation Fees 

Medication pick-up from pharmacy $15 

Appointments within Union Grove $25 

Appointments outside of Union Grove $50 

*Transportation fees are not determined by the nursing department, they have been established and determined by the business/financial office.  

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