Student Life / Advising

A vital role in the overall support of student growth is the advisor. Traditionally, a college advisor oversees a student’s academic track and ensures they are taking the correct classes to satisfy course requirements for their field of study. At Shepherds College, the advisor goes above and beyond the job requirements of a typical college advisor by also guiding and training students for independent living.

Stepping foot on a college campus for the first time is an incredibly exciting time, but can also create a daunting challenge for some students. The advisor seeks to quickly build a relationship with each student and provide a consistent presence in their life. Throughout their time at school, students change residential areas as well as academic classes, but their advisor ideally stays the same throughout all three years. Due to this consistency, the advisor has a deeper understanding of their students’ needs and seeks to advocate on their behalf throughout their college career. They take the time to learn where each student is at academically, and then build in appropriate supports and accommodations to enhance the student’s learning experience. 

Advisors at Shepherds College also take on a mentor role. They meet with their students on a regular basis to talk through challenges and celebrate accomplishments. Students discuss what they have learned in the classroom, and together with their advisor, find ways to apply this knowledge to personal and professional aspects of their life. 
The advisor also provides a layer of accountability for students by working through choices and providing feedback for future success. Through this function of accountability, advisors are able to provide students with a safe atmosphere to fail while also offering them the tools to succeed moving forward.

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