Preview Day / Student Housing

Student Housing Overview

At Shepherds College, students transition through three different phases of on-campus housing: Dorms, Houses/Halls, and Apartments. Each style offers a different degree of supervision and support. As basic living skills are learned, students enjoy progressively greater responsibility and independence.

The design of our residential facilities is another factor that distinguishes Shepherds College, and provides a comprehensive college experience for our students, in an attempt to equip our graduates with the skills necessary to pursue their own Appropriate Independence™.

Students are evaluated regularly to determine their readiness for moving to the next step in the process.

1st Step

Students will be housed in a dormitory-style setting in the Wood Center. Two to three students will be assigned to each room and this dorm setting will accommodate up to 25 students. Both Dorms have community bathrooms. There is a single kitchen facility for each dorm area, allowing students to gradually learn their way around the kitchen as they help prepare dinner once a week under staff supervision.

2nd Step

Students will reside in the Glanville or Olson House, as well as the Lamb or Cook Hall. This will provide a setting where two students share a bedroom. All bedrooms have an attached bathroom with the exception of Cook Hall, where students are provided with a spacious community bathroom. There are two to four kitchens in each of the houses/halls, creating a ratio of one kitchen for every four students. As a result, the second year students will then have greater responsibilities when it comes to meal planning and preparation.

3rd Step

Students will be assigned to the Clark Apartments. These are two-person apartments complete with a full kitchen, providing students with a significant opportunity to experience independent living. 

We feel that the progression of residential settings and life experiences allows our students to develop more independence and advance their daily living skills.

The annual Campus Security and Fire Safety Report is published each year by October 1. You can find the report here: