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Admissions Process

Admission to Shepherds College (SC) requires two steps; the submission of a full application, and an Experience Shepherds College Visit (ESCV). 

Admissions Process  

Admissions Review Team

Once both steps are completed, applicants will be reviewed by the Admissions Review Team and notified as to the decision. In some instances, the Admissions Review Team may request an additional overnight visit if they feel they need more observation to determine a candidate’s fit for SC.   

Psychological Evaluation 

Psychological evaluations provide valuable information for Shepherds College staff as we work to support students in transitioning to college and prepare them for increased independence.  Below are general criteria that are helpful when included in a psychological evaluation. 

  • Background Information – included applicable history, medical diagnoses or treatment, psychological diagnoses or treatment, family history, childhood events, previous supports, family observations, current medications, parent concerns, abuse history if applicable, educational history, and developmental history. 

  • Clinicians Observations – first impressions, interviewer observations, patient (student) observations or thoughts shared. 

  • Testing – list of tests administered, description of results/test, and defined implications.  Helpful tests include IQ testing (full scale and subtests), adaptive behavior assessments, mental health inventories, mental state exams, social or emotional assessments, and personality inventories. 

  • Diagnoses – list form is most helpful and specifically identifying diagnoses that are no longer current or previous diagnoses that are still applicable. 

  • Recommendations and Challenges – applicable supports, areas to target for growth, identified challenges to overcome or accommodation suggestions, etc…  Examples include psychotherapy/psychotherapy topics, specific organizational or transitional supports, life skill supports, relaxation techniques, particular educational strategies, recommended approaches, environmental needs, unreasonable expectations, mental health needs, and medications

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