Academics / Core Classes

Along with studies in Culinary Arts, Technology and Horticulture, Shepherds College offers a general education program that is focused on helping the students develop skills they will need for everyday life. This curriculum contains five main categories of learning:

  • Functional Academic Skills
  • Mobility Skills
  • Spiritual Life
  • Daily Living Skills
  • Social/Emotional Skills

The Functional Academic classes are practical in nature, reviewing and then building on the aptitude each student possesses within the areas of:

  • Language Arts
  • Math and Money Skills
  • Computer Skills
  • Career Skills

Like the other components of the Shepherds College program, the intent of these classes is to assist students in their personal transition and pursuit of Appropriate Independence in their work, home, and social life.

Academic Overview

Here is a description of training to be received in each of the three years.

Year One

  • Full complement of classroom instruction throughout both semesters
  • Classes will focus on pre-vocational training, academics, life skills and Bible instruction.

Year Two

  • Most instruction will be centered on the area of vocational training selected by the student, choosing between Culinary Arts, Horticulture, or Technology. Much of this instruction and training will be hands-on.
  • A few classes will continue to be offered in the areas of general education, life skills and Bible instruction.

Year Three

  • Instruction continues, specific to each student’s selected field of study, employment preparedness and spiritual development.
  • Students will be given a field experience assignment, which will provide practical training and experience within their selected field of study.

Throughout the three-year program, documentation of achievements and development and a sampling of various assessments and completed assignments will be compiled in a personal portfolio for each student.