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Brian Canright

Brian Canright, MS, BS

Vice President of Expansion

I love working at Shepherds College because I believe strongly in our mission and the impact it is having in the lives' of our students. Being a part of the Shepherds College team means being a part of a learning community, collaborating across departments to achieve organizational goals, pursuing excellence in our individual and collective work and continually innovating in order to increase the impact and reach of our mission. It's a place I can fully integrate my faith and desire to follow Jesus with all aspects of my work. The organizational culture at Shepherds College is also team-oriented and strengths-based. One example of these values is that we all take the Strengths Finder assessment to better understand our own strengths; mine are Intellection, Learner, Input, Strategic and Ideation. The goal of this exercise is to appropriately place people to create a well-rounded team made up of members who are very sharp in specific areas.

I've had some of the most profoundly transformative experiences in my life through my relationships with Shepherds College students. Hidden assumptions and unconscious biases have been exposed and deconstructed; I've been inspired by powerful examples of faith, hope, love, perseverance, and humility. Shepherds College students long to grow in their relationship with God, to experience the dignity and satisfaction of work, to become more independent and to be included in their community. That's why we're here; we want Shepherds College students to discover their purpose, be trained and equipped to pursue their dreams, and for the communities they go on to call home, to be positively impacted as our graduates continue their lifelong pursuit of Appropriate Independence (tm). I'm deeply grateful to be a part of such a mission and such a team.

Educational Background

Regent University

Virginia Beach, VA
Bachelor of Science