About Shepherds College / Our Team

Angela Houk

Angela Houk, MA, BS

Vice President of Academics and Training/Dean of Education

A Passion for Discipleship

I have a passion for teaching and mentorship. I enjoy teaching the Bible and discipling individuals in their walk with Jesus Christ. I have had the privilege of watching students grow in their faith, face and overcome challenges, and rely on God for strength.

Hands-on Instruction

Students learn best through experience which is a key component of R.E.A.L. instruction. R.E.A.L instruction was designed by Group Publishing as a best practice teaching method. R.E.A.L. stands for Relational, Experiential, Applicable, and Learner-Based. This is the instructional method used at Shepherds College.

Magnificently Equipped

My hope is for each student to reach independence that is appropriate to their abilities. We believe God has designed every person on and for a purpose and has equipped each individual to accomplish magnificent things through Him. Our goal is to train and empower students to live an independent life with meaningful work.

Educational Background

Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

Deerfield, IL
Master of Art & Religion

University of Wisconsin

Stevens Point, WI
Bachelor of Science in Communications

University of Wisconsin

Waukesha, WI
Associate Degree of Art & Science

New Tribes Bible Institute

Waukesha, WI
Bible Diploma